RAW Unisex Kimono Black


by Thisispaper Studio

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RAW® Kimono has the Asian soul in a rustic version, perfect for meditation. Made from the most breathable of all natural fabrics, Crushed Linen™. Breathes and lets your skin breathe.
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Designed by Thisispaper Studio
Handmade in Warsaw

Details & Sizing

Regular Active Wear was created to break the stereotype of classical sports clothes. Why can’t activewear feel natural?

Kimono, handmade from sustainably sourced Polish crushed linen, it's just as precious as traditional ones. A piece which does not seem so obviously sporty, but its lightness destroys these doubts. It features wide sleeves, classic Asian cut with a belt at the waist. The addition of cotton makes the fabric nicer to the touch. Holes under the armpits provide a built-in ventilation - ideal for beating the heat after hard training. The icing on the cake is unobtrusive embroidered 100% cotton label.


  • 280 GSM CrushedLinen™ (85% linen, 15% cotton) made in Poland
  • Embroidered 100% cotton label
  • Packed in RAW® signature cotton bag

S-M (160 - 175 cm)

Length: 74cm
Sleeve: (with shoulders): 45cm

L-XL (175 - 190 cm)

Length: 74cm
Sleeve: (with shoulders): 45cm

Care Instructions: Wash at 30°C, low cycle. Do not fluorescent bleach. Do not tumble dry. Subject to fading under sun-exposure. Possibility of shrinkage. Returns to original shape after wash.

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It turns out that the most comfortable activewear is made from the humblest material—linen. Designed to feel like second skin, RAW clothing is made for both rest and exercise.

Our ethos.

Our Ethos

As designers, producers and vendors, we asked ourselves: how do we sell our goods in a modern and sustainable way? The answer is: through a platform that shares our values.

We do, becuase we care.

What we save, saves us.

We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy. At every stage of the production process we and our partner brands aim to minimize waste and environmental footprint, and maximize support for local community and suppliers. Less but better.

No middle-men. No seasons.

Honest Price.

We charge our customers a single, fair, honest price. We have no middle-men, no seasons and sell our products directly to you. It’s a part of respecting our clients and our own work.

Under one roof.

Local production

We believe that the best quality products can be made locally and be affordable to everyone. Most products available on Thisispaper are designed and made in the European Union with respect not only for the environment, but most importantly for their makers.

Less but better.

Good design.

Thisispaper stands for the inordinate power of good design. All of our products are useful, honest and aesthetic, designed right down to the last detail and made from high-quality materials to be durable and long-lasting. Less but better.

Sustainable design and responsibility.

Less waste.

Thisispaper generates as little waste as possible. As both vendors and makers, we know that all our choices have an environmental impact. We operate with that in mind, only choosing natural, sustainably sourced raw materials, components and packaging that are long-lasting and don’t create waste.

Be an activist.

Give back.

We take our social responsibility seriously. Our mission is not just creating beautiful, ethically-made products, but also using the power of our business to give back. For every Thisispaper product purchased, we donate 3% of our sales to support non-profit organizations around the world.

Respect your privacy.

Less algorithms, more human.

The more we use technology to communicate, the more we long for real-life human interactions. We don’t let algorithms replace our intuition. And our intuition is to sell products through Thisispaper in a way that respects our customers’ online privacy and personal data. We create our own content and deliver it in an organic way.

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Design & Origin

We respect our mother nature and we believe it would be such a shame to participate in devastation of the planet Earth. So we try as much as it's possible to follow our ethos of being natural. That's why designing our products we consciously decided to use:

CrushedLinen™ made in Poland

We use natural Crushed Linen™ manufactured in Poland. Precious, traditional and closest to nature fabric. Linen is known to be the world’s strongest natural fiber. It is valued for its breathability, achieved through the natural properties of the fiber itself. Our fabric received OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which means it meets the humano-ecological requirements.

YKK® zips made in Japan

We use YKK CONCEAL® zipper. When closed, it disappears to look like a finished seam. It emphasizes the design harmony.

Signature RAW® elastic welt made in Poland

A special element of RAW products - signature RAW elastic welt, locally produced in Łódź - once a Polish center of the textile industry.

Our Hands

It seems to be obvious, but it's not. Vast amount of companies want to produce cheaper and easier. Most of the processes are automated and outsourced to other countries. We have a different approach because we like doing things by ourselves to feel and value our passion.

Designed by Thisispaper Studio
Handmade in Warsaw

Thisispaper principles

① We do because we care.
② No middle-men. No seasons. No sales.
③ The best quality made locally.
④ Less algorithms, more human.

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All countries, all orders, always.

We do, because we care.

Sustainability is the value that we are developing and learning. Our goal is to manage sustainability in every field of our activity - the way we work, produce, consume, treat each other and treat our clients.

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3% That Helps

We take our social responsibility seriously. For every product purchased, we donate 3% of our sales to support non-profit organizations around the world.

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