Less Waste


Maybe it is obvious, but it is worth noticing: how we act, produce, earn and spend money, affects the world. That is why we carefully observed what our actions can cause. We discovered, that Thisispaper can not only be the implementation of our dreams, self-satisfaction or just bring benefits for us, no matter what. We are continuously improving in the field of environmental protection. We think outside the box.

100% Recycable

As an online shop, we will never avoid the production of rubbish, but our priority goal is to divert as much trash from the landfills as possible. We ship completely plastic free, using post-consumer packing materials. Every material we use is recycable - starting from our boxes, ending with plastic free paper tape with plant-based glue. We highly encourage you to recycle or reuse the boxes.

You can be sure that we use 100% compostable and 100% recycable paper packing materials inside of our boxes. Recently we gave up using tissue paper to pack some products and replaced them with 100% cotton bags. We believe, that this tiny step means a lot.

Why print?

In case if return/complaint, instead of asking you to print a form of return or complaint and send it in another paper envelope, we provide an online form. We offer to repair our products, in case they are worn out or broken, instead of throwing them away.

Better shipping

We realize, that it will never be perfect. But we are trying to find solutions, that bring us to perfection in caring for the environment. We cooperate with courier services that are involved in reducing the CO2 emissions generated by aircraft and care about the fuel efficiency of vehicles. To support these activities, we choose flat cardboard boxes - they are the best solution to use the transport surface as much as possible.

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