We do because we care.

Sustainability is the value that we are developing and learning. Our goal is to manage this principle in every field of our activity - the way we work, produce, consume, treat each other and treat our clients.

Fair price

We are transparent when it comes to prices - the best quality materials, unique design, handcraft, fair wage, eco-friendly packing and shipping, non-mass production, long and hard work of human beings. The product you buy is the sum of things that we care for.

Made locally

Most of our products are made locally. The materials that we use are manufactured in the European Union with respect for sustainable production.

Ethical employment

Our studio is based on collective work. We pay the fair wage, take individual needs, circumstances and commitments into account. We are an international team, where everybody respects each other and care for each other. We presume, that this is an ethical employment - being a team and caring for equality.

Honest suppliers

We tried to check things out first hand and visit as many of our suppliers as we could. It is a priority for us to be sure we cooperate with companies that respect their workers.

Caring for the environment

For us it’s the process of continuous improvement in this field, we’re searching for the new solutions and ideas. We believe, that the small steps we take mean a lot to the Earth. We use recyclable materials, encourage our clients to recycle our packing materials, we provide an online form of return or complain - instead of asking to print it and send it in another paper envelope.

Repairing instead of throwing away

Our products are hand-made of natural materials. We make every effort to make them long-lasting, but it’s the nature of natural materials - they wear out or play tricks. In such cases, instead of throwing away, our customers can send us the product for repair. This is a tribute to the earth and towards people who are buying our products.

Eco-friendly shipping

We cooperate with courier services that are involved in reducing the CO2 emissions generated by aircraft and care about the fuel efficiency of vehicles. To support these activities, we choose flat cardboard boxes - they are the best solution to use the transport surface as much as possible.

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